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Ultimate Missions: Rebel Storm

J.D. Wiker

Publication information

Wizards of the Coast

Publish date

November 30, 2004





Ultimate Missions: Rebel Storm was a scenario book released on November 30, 2004 by Wizards of the Coast. The book includes 33 scenarios, as well as extra maps and map titles. It is based on the figures from the Rebel Storm set.

Missions of Ultimate Missions: Rebel Storm[]

A New Hope Missions[]

  • Rescue on Raltiir
  • Decision on Kattada
  • Assault on the Tantive IV Part I
  • Assault on the Tantive IV Part II
  • Assault on the Tantive IV Part III
  • Tusken Attack
  • Rebel Search
  • Mos Eisley Shell Game
  • Cantina Crash
  • Race to Docking Bay 94
  • Escape from Alderaan
  • Death Star Infiltration
  • Death Star Escape

The Empire Strikes Back Missions[]

  • Wampa Fight
  • Probe Droid Pursuit
  • Echo Base Defense
  • Echo Base Evacuation
  • The Dark Side Cave
  • Dinner Party
  • Imperial Custody
  • Cloud City Escape I
  • Cloud City Escape II
  • Cloud City Escape III

Return of the Jedi Missions[]

  • Bounty Hunter Showdown
  • Tatooine Swoop Chase
  • What Jabba Wants I
  • What Jabba Wants II
  • What Jabba Wants III
  • Endor's Moon Landing
  • Dangers of Endor's Moon
  • Endor Speeder Chase
  • Capturing the Bunker I
  • Capturing the Bunker II
  • The Temptation of Luke Skywalker